Left Item Inquiries
For items left inside Hiroshima Bus Center, please inquire about them at the Hiroshima Bus Center Information Desk. Items left on a bus will be stored by the operating bus company, and we request that any inquiries be made to the company directly. Contact information for each company can be found here.
Ticket Sales Hours
Behind Express Bus Ticket section 9:00~17:00
Vending Machines 【Concourse】7:00~22:00
PASPY/Bus Pass Sales 【Weekday】9:30~19:20
【Weekend & Holiday】10:30~18:30(Hours of New Year holiday soil)
PASPY Charge Machine 【Concourse】7:00~22:00
【Arrival Platform】7:00~18:00
Bus information office 9:00~17:00(Contact us by phone 9:00~17:00)
How to Book
outside Hiroshima prefecture.
Reservations may be made as soon as 30 days in advance at each bus company’s reservation center.

Chugoku JR Bus Express Bus Reservation Center
Hiroshima Kotsu Tourism/Reservation Center
Hiroshima Dentetsu Express Bus Reservation Center

Ticket Refunds

Changes and refunds for reserved express bus tickets can be made at any ticket window up till the time of departure. Please be aware that once the departure time has passed you will no longer be able to change your ticket or have it refunded.

Express Bus Permissible Luggage
Size : L x W x D 1m or less
Weight : 10kg or less
Please contact your bus company ahead of time when checking luggage that exceeds regulation size.

Coin Lockers
Hiroshima Bus Center coin lockers have the following dimensions.


Locations : Behind Express Bus Ticket section 、Arrival Platform
Any luggage that cannot be stowed inside a coin locker can be left at the terminal department offices for the equivalent coin locker prices. Please visit the Bus Information Desk for more details. Coin locker locations can be found here.